Hello Blog readers!
I am sorry that i wasn’t writing anything a long time. I was depressed, discouraged, and i gave up the one thing that gave me joy on this computer, my spontaneous blog thoughts. Every morning i wake up with many different ideas in my heart as well as my head. I enjoy being truthful with my audience. I don’t like to put on airs, like every thought from me is divine, no, but it is Aquarian. And more Aquarian thoughts tend to make the world roll into the humanism mode.
This morning i woke up to a very unusual cold Californian morning. The wind from the Ocean was tinged with extra icy winds. All day has unfolded in this manner, drove me to wear a winter sweater.
It fits my feelings about The GOP electoral convention, when they will crown Trump and the born again woman hater Pence. I want to separate myself from all this but everywhere i turn, this is the topic. I will forever hate the word Trump, along with trumpeters, trumpet, etc. Politics had crossed over to entertainment. The GOP electorate don’t want somebody with brains, they are happy with an idiot. Idiots are dangerous.
Women here is our chance to vote out all the GOP Congress who has heartlessly voted against veterans monies, closed women clinics, and vote in some gentle folk with brains. More women.
It is still very early historically. But each generation has their contribution, and women didn’t have representation now for hundreds of years. lets have a woman who can wipe the floor with trump. Blessed be.