Goddess Kits

Goddess Kits: Sex & Goddess
List Price: $19.99
29 minutes, NTSC
UPC: 886470049936

This Goddess Kit has a DVD from October 1989 from a TV show called 13th Heaven, produced by Zsuzsanna Budapest. This DVD features Z and her guest Carole Isis, as they discuss Sex and the Goddess.

What are Goddess Kits?

Goddess Kits are a woman honoring series of educational kits that include a variety of media and educational follow-up discussion topics for groups interested in Goddess topics.

We’ve create a fully prepared series of social events called Goddess Kits that you can use right out of the box. Since this is woman honoring, we focus on the divine Goddess as existed in Matriarchal times as influencing the magical intent entwined with our lives. When we come together it is life-affirming. Culturally we need time to nurture ourselves and each other … and what better way to share that experience than through Goddess Kits.