Summoning the Fates

A Guide to Destiny and Sacred Transformation
by: Z Budapest

summoning the fates

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Colorful and authentic, optimistic and wise, Summoning the Fates is Zsuzsanna Budapest’s classic guide to destiny and sacred transformation for women.

Budapest, a pioneer of the women’s spirituality movement, uses fairy tales, historical lore, and personal stories to describe the stages and roles of a woman’s life and the three Fates who rule over each stage: Urdh (youth), Verdandi (adulthood), and Skuld (the crone years). Budapest also offers simple yet beautiful rituals and down-to-earth advice to help you connect with the Fates and embrace your own unique destiny.


“Budapest’s rituals for summoning the conductors of luck combine sensuality and joy with reverence for the unknown. . . . This charming book shows readers how rituals and faith can lead us inward to find the wisdom and goodness of the Goddess in our own lives.”
~ Publishers Weekly

I have just finished reading your book, “Summoning the Fates,” one of the best books I have read in a long time. I reached 50 years old last May and it is amazing, as I look back on my life, how it coincided with the stages of the book. I will recommend the book to everyone. I am one half Italian on my father’s side, and one half Hungarian on my mother’s side. I have always identified strongly with the Italian side but felt bad that I did not really identify with my Hungarian heritage. Your book has finally given me a sense of identity with this heritage and I would love to learn more. I now feel that this is where my affinity and love of a female Goddess comes from. Having been raised Catholic, I have always been strongly drawn to Mary. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping me find the other half of my existence which has been missing all of these years.
~ P. Wright

I’m reading “Summoning the Fates” and nearing the end. I am in the middle of my first Saturn return. I am 29 and a half…got married a year ago and had my first amazing child in January…Lauren. Her papa and I split up though are still friends. Lots happening as I savor the Mama/Baby Moontime, my stumbling and sometimes gracefully dancing around in Verdandi’s space here. I am currently feeling pulled in many directions…mostly all about getting a “proper” education so I can do what I love and make money to care for little Lauren La Fey and me. I am a student of Susun Weed and heard you were/are her teacher. I have always believed you to be my GrandMother in the lineage of the Wise Woman Tradition, though I know this term Susun has coined. Though I have been a student of Susun’s for 6 years or so, it is only now that I have come to you. I give thanks to you Sister/Mother/GrandMother.I am grateful for all you’ve done to pave the way and to hold the Light.No reply is necessary. Namaste.
~ Amanda

Was provided by my teacher with your book Summoning the Fates. My brithday was last fri and I know changes are coming I have been feeling them. Was told from my mentor Jackie and her teacher susun weed that you are at the top of our line, head of our table. This morning as I continue to read your book then have to put it down cause you write what I have always felt, have been told as a child and now teaching my teenage daughter the same…..thank you thank you.

Tears flow up and a warm heart is felt. I’m drawn to contact you so cyberspace it is. I will finish this book in the next day or so depends on how many times I have to put it down…I’m sure fate will get me thru……momma Z thank you thank you!
~ Mydu