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Z Budapest

“I have traveled the road from my mother’s breasts to Cronehood. I thank the Goddess for the good seasons that passed, and oh! I toast the good seasons to come!Blessed be!” ~ Z. Budapest

In these times of sped-up reality, you may be rushing to accomplish great things, stressing about the leadership of our planet, gasping to keep up with it all. Take a break and submerge yourself in the quiet timelessness of Z’s wisdom.

There is no rush here, no time constraints, no worry. Z intuits messages from your ancestors, brings them up from the depth of your mind, amplifies the whispers of your own consciousness.

Let your deep mind stir up your insecurities and fears, your strengths, your joys. Then let the dust settle, as Z expertly translates them all into everyday language, not mystifying anything.

After Z’s consultations you will feel lighthearted, filled with hope. When the “homework” spells and rituals Z offers you to help you on your journey are performed you will feel empowered. Z imparts a Crone’s wisdom, a rare treasure in our times, in her role as grandmotherly guide in our shifting, ever-changing world.

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