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Z's Giant Dutch Hollyhocks!

Already thinking about the next yearzinhergarden.jpg's Goddess festival in the redwood forests we need more money in order to freshen up the presenters,so I am offering a dear product, I will send you the seeds of my Giant Dutch Hollyhocks flowers in royal purple, and maybe pink as well. If you Donate here, the seeds for these gorgeous blossoms will be sent to you, to be an eternal part of your garden.

Click here to donate for hollyhocks!

I need some generous donations, we are still financially stressed post-Covid, My income is below the poverty level, I cannot carry the WSF anymore. If you are wealthy this would be the time to step up and send us a monthly income. Think about yourself as a historical figure, stepping in the footsteps of the early suffragists, helping to elevate our Dianic culture by supporting the culture makers.Myself included.

The Hollyhocks are ten feet tall, they need a little water in the beginning, but then they are quite strong and they propagate themselves. They survive heat or cold, they are the worthy symbols of our Goddess Movement. Evohe Gaia!



Welcome...I am Zsuzsanna Budapest, better known as Z Budapest.

I am a witch by birthright, my mother was an artist, and gifted medium.  
I am considered the Grandmother of modern witchcraft as I have devoted my life to the Goddess.
I have been giving Tarot Readings and Leading circles for over 50 years.
I am best known for my books on The Goddess Movement, Tarot, and Feminist Witchcraft.
Some of my best known works include The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, Grandmother Time, Grandmother Moon, Goddess in the Bedroom...just to name a few.
Listen to Z's recent interview by Pandora Peoples on WOMR radio


The Aquarian Holy Book of Women's Mysteries

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Also available as an ebook!


The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries is the seminal book of Women's Spirituality. It launched the Dianic tradition and started the Women's Spirituality Movement as a force in modern society. This book, which had been out-of-print for a decade, has been recreated in this ultimate version. Updated for the 21st Century with color printing both inside and out, The Aquarian Holy Book of Women's Mysteries includes fresh versions of all the interior photos  made from the originals, and glorious new cover art. This edition includes an index and other extras as well as the Grandmother Codes, an entirely new section envisioned by Z during the 2020 virtual Goddess Festival, and fleshed out by Z and several priestesses and Goddess scholars into their final form.

Zsuzsanna Budapest Making Magick!