Women at the End of Patriarchy

A response to the Outrage Industry

What’s Wrong With the Women?

Mothers and daughters which is all women are tired of struggle, of being fearful, and look at the medias heavy duty seduction to make women a pray. The beloved Law And Order, And CSi flood us with our own corpses. We are quartered, strangled, drawn and suffocated, and beaten and raped. Even thou men perpetrate this on their mothers and daughters which is the majory of humans, the mothers and daughters say it’s of course not All males, and we all love one them because we are the mothers and the daughters of men. But we are tired. Too much to do and the men are not pulling their weight as they should. The culture has spun the opposite way, violence instead of flower power and no kisses and no highs.

But now the mothers and daughters feel beaten down. We feel unsupported, and abandoned with raising children, the state doesn’t care how we strive, they know mothers will solve it somehow or die trying. So once again the mothers and daughters care to give the state cheep labor is itself cheep. This is what happens.

Keeping daughters in the dark about their bodies, they will get pregnant, will give the Patriarchy a lot of cheep labor as in the good old days of old fashioned capitalism, back two centuries ago.

Daughters are punished to want both jobs and kids too. This goes too far. You get your kids on your own time and on your money. It’s your little love possession. Your most important duty to god. Breed. Cheep. Stay put daughter. You are to learn to obey once more. Look if you like to abandon us now, dying patriarchy, when all we have left are oafs, thank god it’s not impossible, but you must keep it down or we adopt the chador here too. Do you want to be chadorred?? The fashion faux pa. Erased. Your power constantly flagging in your face. Ha! they have to be hidden to protect me from my own lust. Lost. Male erections are their fault. Hide them. Kill them. They interfere with my true love with god. Allah must overrule everything. Women are stupefied regionally (red states) with nonsensical god blabber via hate radios.

Five generations of women have experienced a constant barrage of psychic attacks ever since they won back the right to own their own bodies. The day the Supreme Court declared that we have the right to choose motherhood or not is the day the religious right decided to take the country, all three branches and organize the faithful into voting blocks. Everybody hates women, so why not? This has created a lot of new jobs for men/politicians, pundits, who wanted to control women. With Bush-Light this was actually done.

This propaganda called women selfish and murderers. They suggested nobody will love them (this is the atom bomb against women, we are afraid of this more than death) if they are smart, self efficient. But when they are not, they are called bimbos, welfare queens and worse. Most of all they are told that nobody will love them if they insist on being liberated. They will not find partners to carry on the human race, they have to do it all alone and they have to be guilty while they are doing it. Forty years of this virile propaganda has borne fruit, an extra 3 percent of mothers and daughters turned against their own interests like good little slaves. Borrowed the language of the seventies, a belted revolution on their own, now they won everything, and from now on everything is their fault. An administration of the thousands of mistakes. They cannot govern, only fight against enemies. No enemies, they are lost like deer caught in the headlights. Many women are now convinced that this is what god wants. It’s also ok to judge and condemn each other as godless bitches. The self-policing tools of fear and self loathing and insecurity, low self esteem are put back where they were before, deep into her psyche.

These attacks came from a very smart organized hugely lavished by millionaires and male god driven force, the phony religious right, the churches in general, and a general consensus from most sons and fathers (men) that women should not be free to say yes or no to rape, nor wars, nor pregnancy. That the mothers and daughters should not have the right to their own private Lady parts.

Women are already burdened mightily to carry on the human race, birth and raise everybody on earth but do it all without getting a penny from the government that will ultimately benefit from the presence of new citizens as consumers.

But I caught the scent of a new fresh wind blowing, the NEW GENERATION of children of the mothers . Those who are graduating this time of the year. The Parkland teenagers, who stood up for LIFE. Beloved well spoken youths, who are not hating, not blaming, but asking politely and also not to politely to ban war time weapons from our American markets. Its miracle not more children and young adults are killed with the weapons so readily given to the crazy and the nazi alike.

We need to clean the HOUSE and the Senate of the old male whores of the NRA. Put in power the young people who love life and understand civil service.

We as women created those new people, every one of them.

Blessed be the WOKE giant, our Elders who took a beating educating us, and the Woke population, where the will to fight back is strong.

May they lead our decision to be free of fear in our own country.

May we all succeed to bring in the Aquarian Age.