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Would you like to book a tarot reading?  To book, you will have to pay a donation in advance.
Z’s charge for her tarot reading is $100 payable below. Once completed there will be a form to fill out that includes your name, email, and phone number for your reading.

Review from Amber A:

I recently received a reading from Zsuzsanna Budapest. After I paid through her website, she sent me a message asking whether I'd like to schedule a meeting or "serendipity connect." How could I not choose the second option? This was exciting already! I gave Z time windows when I'd be near my ringer, and then...

One day, the phone rang, and I heard her voice on the other end. I have reservations when it comes to tarot readings over the phone, as I prefer the face-to-face experience. Z, however, was so present from the moment I picked up that she could have been sitting beside me. A wave of Goddess energy arrived, too. What ensued was a reading I will never forget. 

Z brings to her readings a profound power and magic that is ancient and wise. She read my cards and explained each one with gifted insight. She provided practical guidance on steps to follow for themes showing up. But these details hardly convey the impart of her words and how life-altering it was to receive divine messages from an elder priestess of the Goddess. Z has devoted her life to loving the Goddess and women, and that love does magic when Z works with you personally. I am blessed to share my lifetime with Z and that she provides the opportunity to speak with her directly here and now. I encourage others considering a reading with Z to absolutely, wholeheartedly book a reading with her! Keep your anointing oil handy and be ready for a Goddess-charged experience for the ages.

“Experienced the most amazing Tarot reading of my life last night with Z!... Thank you so VERY much!.. I am more secure in what has been unfolding and clear on what is coming... I HIGHLY recommend having your readings by Z. She made sure I understood the meaning and context of each card and the homework is perfect for me- excited to do my 13 day assignment!.. LOVE YOU Z- BLESSED BE!” - DW