Dr. Zsuzsanna E. Budapest

Blessings and welcome to the official website for Dr. Zsuzsanna “Z” Budapest, author, founder of the Women’s Spirituality Forum and the Dianic Tradition

Women’s Spirituality Forum

The Women’s Spirituality Forum is the nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded by Z Budapest to help promote the Goddess’ sacred work.


Announcing Baba Boogie and the Berkeley Boards
A series of animated short films of political satire
produced by Z Budapest and animated by Jakki Moore

Learn more and donate to our fundraiser for the pilot at the
Baba Boogie and the Berkeley Broads Website

Baba Boogie Smiles
Watch Baba’s Latest Adventure
Baba Boogie Meets Trump


Books by Z. Budapest

Z Budapest Books

After over 50 years of service to the Women’s Spiritual Community, this website serves as a culmination and platform for Z’s large body of work and related events.

Read on dear Sister and discover your sacred path to your own divinity and well being through the Goddess and all of her Natural beauty.

I fought for women’s right to counsel each other, when I chose to go to trial for Tarot reading. It took me nine years of my life to change the paradigm. I take my right to counsel you during these difficult times very seriously